Payday 3 Hits Back as Community Crushes Misleading Grind Accusations

The Payday 3 community has come together to defend the game’s progression system after someone tried to make it look like a real grind.


Image via Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 is currently available in early access to players who have purchased a premium version on Xbox or PC, which means they’re able to jump in ahead of everyone else, such as those players who will join once the game hits Game Pass, and make a start on burning through levels and earning rewards with every heist.

Payday 3 is packed with challenges for players to complete and earn XP from, which will help them push through the plethora of levels of progression. However, someone on the Payday Subreddit has taken one of those challenges and is trying to make the game look bad. The Payday 3 community isn’t happy about this and has responded in droves.

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Payday 3 Players Put Game’s Hater in Their Place While Defending the Game

A user on the Payday Subreddit made a recent post commenting on Payday 3’s challenges and progression system. The post reads, “Progression is based on challenges, so you don’t just grind the same heist 100 times. Lmao OK.” The post is accompanied by an image of one of the challenges that requires players to beat a portion of a heist 150 times.

This post is an effort on the user’s part to make people think that developer Starbreeeze Studios has lied about Payday 3’s progression, but the 100 or so replies show how this isn’t the case. “Get out of here with your logic and reason! This totally wasn’t cherry picked from the six hundred and forty challenges to try and find the worst one. Never mind the fact that the devs said everyone should be able to get to 100 easily and that the real grind is from 101 to 150.”

Every response is along the same lines. There are hundreds of challenges for players to complete in Payday 3, but their primary purpose is to provide players with something to do once earning new levels becomes little more than bragging rights.

“I’m pretty sure in one of the dev videos that they expect players to do levels 1-100 just fine with regular play, and that 100+ is for dedicated players who want to play a ton. I imagine this kind of achievement is for the latter.” If players focus on the easy challenges from the moment they start playing the game, they’ll level up incredibly quickly on top of standard gameplay.

This Reddit post was made to belittle Payday 3, but it ended up sparking a conversation about how good the progression system is and why players love it. Each challenge has various levels to work through, meaning players will always have something to work towards in the background. Payday 3 isn’t a game where challenges need to rotate frequently because they’re so easy. The game is designed to keep players engaged for the long haul.