Payday 3: How to Find The Executive’s Deposit Box in No Rest For The Wicked

There’s an Executive’s Deposit Box you can find in Payday’s No Rest For The Wicked, and this is where you can find it.

There are several objectives you need to follow to complete the heists in Payday 3, such as No Rest For The Wicked. It’s a small bank, ideal for anyone who wants to sink their teeth into a thrilling heist and see what they can do with a small team. One of the optional objectives you can complete is stealing an Executive’s Deposit.

The Executive’s Deposit box is inside the vault, and it’s a secure location you may have time to get during your heist, or you might have to leave it behind. However, getting more from these missions never hurts, giving you additional cash. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Executive’s Deposit Box in No Rest For The Wicked in Payday 3.

Where to Find The Executive’s Deposit Box in No Rest For The Wicked

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The Executive’s Deposit Box does not become an objective until you investigate the manager’s office. You can find this on the bank’s first floor in Payday 3, on the far right side. You can reach it by making your way through the bank aggressively, or you can sneak out the back on the right or left side of the bank and cut through the windows. When you arrive, investigate the papers in the office, and you’ll receive an objective to find the Executive’s Deposit Box.

The Deposit Box is not an item you can find while exploring the bank or is hiding in any of the offices. Instead, it’s something you can find when you make it into the vault. Once you have this objective, you have two ways to get it: cut into the bank using thermite or have an Executive have the vault code sent to their computer and then open the vault without tripping the alarm. Even if you trigger the alarm in Payday 3, you can still find the Executive’s Deposit Box. You can narrow down the security deposit box in the vault by searching the offices.

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For my run, I had to make it up to the second floor and into the office on the second floor. This is a room full of civilians and employees of the bank. Depending on your playing this heist in Payday 3, you might be able to sneak into the room and have everyone on the ground and tied up before anyone notices. However, if the alarm is already going off, checking the papers will narrow your search for the correct safety deposit box, especially if you’re on a clock.

When you head inside the vault, the deposit box you need to unlock will be highlighted. You can interact with it through the lockpicking minigame in Payday 3, and then you’ll be able to obtain the contents inside for the end of the mission. Make sure to grab the rest of the money you want to take with you before escaping.

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