PC Gamers Won’t See Monster Hunter: World Till Fall 2018

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Fans of the Monster Hunter genre are eagerly awaiting the January 26th release date of Monster Hunter: World, at least if they prefer to play on console. Those waiting for news of the PC release of the game just got what they’ve been waiting for, though the keyword here is “waiting”.

Fall Release Date for PC

In a PC Development Update video on YouTube, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has revealed that the PC version will be released sometime in the fall of this year. That means that PC gamers will wait until at least September, if not December, to get into the hunt.

It’s not surprising that the PC version comes so significantly after the console release. This has become common practice among the big titles these days, and the reasons for the delays range from wanting to spend more time getting the PC port just right, to the more cynical opinions of getting gamers to make multiple purchases.

We’ve seen this with such juggernaut titles as Grand Theft Auto V, and most recently with Destiny 2, though its PC release was only about three months behind the console launch.

In a bit of positive news, Tsujimoto also confirmed that the console release for January 26th is still on target and that Monster Hunter: World would see free content updates in the future. No word on whether those content updates will make it into the PC version, at launch, or ever.

Hearing that a game you’re looking forward to is not coming to your preferred platform until much later than anticipated is never easy, but we can only hope that the extra time will be spent on ensuring that the final experience will be a good one. To keep an eye on the PC development of Monster Hunter: World, you can check out the official Monster Hunter YouTube channel. Of course, we’ll also keep you updated here on the most important news!