Black Desert Online Devs Pearl Abyss Unleash Trailers For New MMOs Plan 8, Crimson Desert, and DokeV


Pearl Abyss, the developers of Black Desert Online, has released trailers for their upcoming titles Crimson Desert and Plan 8 and DokeV. Crimson Desert was originally developed as a prequel to Black Desert Online, but it was then spun off as a separate entity.

BDO fans will be right at home with Crimson Desert, which includes a full single-player campaign. On top of that, you can expect all the usual MMO content you will be used to. Beta tests for Crimson Desert are planned for next year for both PC and console.

Plan 8 is the one that interests me more, as a guy drawn more to science-fiction that fantasy. This has been described as an “exosuit MMO shooter.” Minh Le, co-creator of Counter-Strike, is involved in the development and will feature Titanfall-style wall-running. Players will be equipped with exosuits to take on all sorts of mechanical monsters in the game. The third-person shooter MMO will be an open-world adventure, and the gameplay shown in the trailer looks fantastic. No plans have been revealed for beta tests for Plan 8 yet.

Both games are developed in an evolved version of the game engine used for BDO. The final game to get a trailer was DokeV, a kid-friendly MMO about collecting assorted creatures.

Graphically this one is a bit on the cuter side but once again uses the same engine as Plan 8 and Crimson Desert. The trailer features a cute assortment of characters, including a polar bear with boxing clubs, so I am instantly invested in the game. DokeV will get a beta test sometime next year.

Pearl Abyss seems to be confident in their ability to leverage the success of Black Desert Online and appeal to a variety of audiences and interests by offering different types of MMOs. I have to say, I find them all interesting in different ways, and I look forward to learning more about them.