Rare Launches Perfect Dark Teaser, Reveal Coming At E3 2018?

Back in the year, a rumor popped up on the Internet that Rare was reviving its beloved Perfect Dark franchise together with Gears of War maker The Coalition. That rumor has been there for a while but no new details have arrived since then, most probably because the attention about single-player titles has shifted on PS4 exclusives since then.

Perfect Dark E3 2018 Announcement Teased

Anyway, the British developer, which has just shipped Sea of Thieves and is planning to drop more content for it as early as this May, has just launched a huge teaser for its E3 2018 showcase on Twitter.

The studio replied to a tweet of a follower who just found Perfect Dark-themed beach shorts in his attic and thought about sharing a nostalgic post tagging it. In its tweet, Rare said that it’s “right on time, it’ll be summer shortly.”

Although it might look quite innocent, the tweet included a pun referring to Joanne Dark’s adventures and someone, after some time, made that clear. Rare then replied that “finally, someone noticed!”.

Of course, that might have been just a tribute to the franchise, but video gamers’ minds have instantly been triggered to think about the possible revival of the saga for Xbox One and Windows 10, maybe recalling that rumor we talked about before.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about that at E3 2018. Now that Sea of Thieves is in the hands of gamers and will ‘only’ need to be supported with post launch content, there’s a possibility that another team in Rare might be working on Perfect Dark, perhaps with the help of The Coalition as an external team…