Persona 5 Royal Coming To The West In 2020 | E3 2019


Atlus USA has revealed that Persona 5 Royal is coming to the West.

Persona 5 is an RPG that was released worldwide on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2016. The game proved to be very popular, especially among RPG fans and dating-simulators and was praised for its visuals, story, and characters.

An updated version of Persona 5, called Persona 5 Royal, was first teased in December of last year, and then a full trailer was released in April 2019. Royal is an expanded version of the original Persona 5 game, and it includes new features and new areas to explore.

More importantly, Royal introduces a brand new character. Kasumi Yoshizawa is another student of the Shujin Academy and appears to join the Phantom Thieves. There are not many details about Kasumi other than the brief footage we seen from the trailers. Royal is expected to release in Japan in October 2019.

Atlus USA recently released a new trailer for Persona 5 Royal for E3 2019, announcing the game will be released in West next year. The trailer showed off more gameplay footage and cutscenes. While the texts in the trailer are still in Japanese, the voice acting is using the English voice actors.

Persona 5 Royal is slated to release in 2020 in the West.