Persona leaker hints at new game starring Goro Akechi

The ace detective in a new game?

Image via Atlus

The Persona series is celebrating its 25th anniversary and has promised a lineup of new announcements and events. So far, we’ve only seen the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax remaster as a major addition, but a leaker is predicting we’ll see a new game in the near future. This game will star the infamous ace detective of Persona 5, Goro Akechi. (Potential spoilers ahead for those who haven’t finished Persona 5 Royal.)

The leaker, Zippo, stated that this rumored game would not see the JRPG action we’ve grown accustomed to with the Persona series. Instead, this game would follow Akechi and his adventures as a detective, perhaps hinting at a mystery-type game.

Zippo has previously predicted a Persona 3 Portable remaster, although that prediction hasn’t come to fruition yet. Zippo has correctly predicted several things before however, so this leak has some credibility. There are no other details about what game this could possibly be, so we can only assume.

Note: It’s important to take any leak with a grain of salt. In particular, Zippo hasn’t released too many details about what this game would actually entail. Use this info for cautious optimism and wait until ATLUS makes an official announcement before jumping to any conclusions.