Japanese Persona fans are getting a special Persona O.A. app


Atlus is giving fans a brand new way to interact and stay informed with the Persona series in a rather unexpected way. There’s an official app coming this spring for Japanese fans on iOS and Android devices called Persona O.A., and it’s available for pre-registration now. 

The upcoming app will provide a steady stream of Persona-related news as well as an “exploration game” that lets you take part in new conversation events with established characters from the Persona games.

There aren’t a lot of details thus far as to what this actually means, but it sounds like there’s a lot more to uncover in terms of some of your favorite members of the Persona series’ cast. 

In addition to receiving news related to the Persona series, you can move forward in an exploration game in order to enjoy newly-written conversation events with Persona characters. Also, by spending “Persona Points,” which can be acquired through various means, you can summon Personas to take along in the exploration game, as well as download web content, get presents, and apply to events.

It sounds like a pretty ingenious way to connect fans to the series overall, offering both tangible and digital rewards and gamifying support for your favorite series. There’s no word yet on whetherwestern fans will get a taste of the app, but given Persona’s general popularity and the success of Persona 5, it seems like an awfully bad idea not to localize it.