Perspective Battlefield 2042 players are very concerned about a particular specialist

Enemy spotted.

Image via EA

With the recent reveal of the remaining cast of specialists we will be able to play in Battlefield 2042, perspective players immediately noticed the abilities of recon specialist Ji-Soo Paik. Paik has a couple of abilities that allow her to highlight enemies, even through walls, which has sparked a conversation about spotting abilities and how potentially overpowered she could be in a wide-open chaotic game such as Battlefield 2042.

The first of Paik’s two abilities is her trait, Return Fire. With this trait, Paik will immediately spot and highlight anyone that shoots at her, allowing her to find her perpetrator and fight back faster than any other specialist. Presumably, this will make you think twice about engaging Paik players without being absolutely sure you can eliminate them. If you miss some shots, she will know exactly where you are, so be careful.

The second of Paik’s abilities is the EMG-X Scanner, an ability that will consistently track enemies near Paik, even through walls. This is the ability that the community is really worried about, fearing that it resembles wallhacks. We have seen these types of abilities in other games such as Rainbow Six: Siege and Valorant where the same complaints were made. Players don’t like to be seen behind cover, but that seems to be what Paik is all about.

While we have to wait and see just how good Paik could potentially be, another concern that arises is that of limitless specialist picking. Theoretically, Paik could be used by all 64 players on a team, allowing everyone to use her abilities. While that may sound like an extreme case, players are worried about being spammed and spotted repeatedly, not allowing them to fight back.