Does PewDiePie’s Love for Keanu Reeves Hint at an Upcoming Collaboration?


As reported by Dextero, the YouTube celebrity PewDiePie reacted to Keanu Reeves memes in his latest episode of Meme Review, possibly teasing a collaborative episode in the future between the two big names. Whether there is a hint about a collaboration between the two remains to be seen.

In his latest video released earlier today, the YouTube personality reacted to the most recent memes surrounding Keanu Reeves’ appearance at E3 2019. During the segment, called “Meme Review,” he revealed his deep love and respect for the actor, even showing himself with stock hearts one might see during Valentine’s Day events. Between memes, PewDiePie mumbles praises like “I love Keanu Reeves. He’s my favorite actor.”

Nearly three minutes into the 11-minute episode, a meme suggests that Keanu Reeves should host Meme Review. The clip makes use of the new “Check this out!” meme from E3 2019 where Keanu Reeves uttered the phrase before giving a quick spin to point at the monitor on stage. PewDiePie’s response is a laughing “yes,” which may be the source of Dextero’s collaboration hints.

It is entirely possible that there will be a collaboration in the future. Many big-name YouTubers have collaborated with equally famous actors. PewDiePie is one of the top YouTubers in existence, with over 96 million subscribers and it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity-hosted Meme Review. A previous episode included Elon Musk as the host of the final segment, “Bonus Meme.”

While collaboration is not out of the realm of possibility, it is unfair to call it teased or official.