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Phasmophobia fans are not happy with changes to custom games that end up taking away rewards

The developers hear you, the same way you hear out for those ghosties.

Phasmophobia’s recent Temptest update released a good amount of holiday cheer for the fanbase, along with a handful of changes to how the game’s weather system works, creating a more dynamic background for players. Alongside these modifications were drastic adjustments to the customized games mode that players can make outside the traditional ghost investigations, and fans believe the developers have given them coal this holiday season.

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The changes to the custom games mode have to do with the rewards that players receive when completing these games. Initially, when Phasmophobia’s Temptest update went live, the rewards were reduced by 80%, but the development team at Kinetic Games has since backed those up to 60%. Even though the community was already vocal about the reduction in rewards, players still find that receiving 60% for their final reward is too little.

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The custom games mode was designed for Phasmophobia players to create far more difficult challenges than in the standard game mode, especially with ridiculous settings that players can tweak. However, the developers slightly backed themselves in a way, because the payouts for this mode could reach incredible heights, reaching upwards of 24 times the standard payout.

The developers admit that the 60% adjustment is unreasonable and have commented in a Reddit thread that they were planning to come back to this issue, but they’re leaving the 60% rewards in for the time being. This will be a placeholder until they can develop a better solution as they actively work with the community to find a middle ground.

The Phasmophobia development team hopes to find a compromise for the custom game modes before its “progression 2.0 update” hits the game, expected sometime in 2023. The progression update will focus on the leveling process and will release new player models, additional customization, and new equipment to track down ghosts during investigations. For now, fans will need to be patient for updates regarding how custom games will work and with developers until a reasonable balance arrives to appease everyone enjoying the custom games.

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