Phil Spencer Has Just Played The First Xbox Games On Project Scarlett


Each day we get a new piece of information about the next-generation consoles, on their way for a holiday 2020 release. The latest comes from Phil Spencer, the executive vice president at gaming for Microsoft, who has shared something new about Project Scarlett.

Spencer said that he has already played some games on the incoming next-gen platform, sharing this detail during a livestream with Bungie’s Pete Parsons where the two played some Destiny 2 ahead of the launch of the next expansion.

“I played my first games on Project Scarlett this week,” candidly said the EVP, as shared by The Verge’s Tom Warren in a tweet you can see below.

Of course, we didn’t get to learn which games are we talking about, whether those are already out or unannounced, but sure enough, it’s interesting to note that Scarlett is already in a state where Microsoft has playable titles on it.

Back in the days of the interview with Wired where he shared some details about the PS5 hardware, anyway, chief system architect Mark Cerny revealed details of Marvel’s Spider-Man running on the newest console, and particularly of the advantages that the existing game gets from running on an SSD.

So, Spencer may have had the chance to play some already existing titles for Xbox One on Project Scarlett, even though it’s yet to be determined which will be the advantages of making those run on a next-gen Microsoft platform.