Phil Spencer On Microsoft And Sony Joining Forces For Streaming

As we have reported, Microsoft and Sony have joined forces to improve game streaming and the use of AI.

In particular, Sony will be taking advantage of the Azure data center based solutions for streaming on PlayStation platforms, and that should improve a lot the experience for users of services such as PlayStation Now and more.

It’s huge news and one that Xbox’s Phil Spencer has commented on Twitter. He didn’t work on the deal directly as it was led at a higher level, with CEO Satya Nadella involved in the business together with Sony’s Kenichiro Yoshida, but sure enough, it is a big one for Xbox, too.

Spencer said he is “excited about the opportunities ahead with Sony,” which he tagged in his tweet, “for us to pursue our mutual gaming ambitions and delight players around the world.”

With his words, Spencer wanted to welcome Sony in the family but also remark that the gaming ambitions of both the companies will remain mutual and that the idea is to pursue them still alone.

So, don’t expect anything radical to happen anytime soon to Xbox, while PlayStation could see the quality of its services improve a lot in the coming years.