Phil Spencer Comments On Rumored Project Scarlett Multiple Models


Over the past few months, rumors had it that Xbox Scarlett would be featuring two different models to purchase upon day one in 2020, one super powerful and the other being a cheaper entry for people who don’t care about 4K or even 8K at the highest framerates possible.

However, at E3 2019, Microsoft has shared the news about Project Scarlett as one single console, not a family of platforms as it was dubbed previously. This seems to be the Anaconda model, the most powerful possible, while Lockhart has been left in the dark for the time being.

Phil Spencer has offered a comment about that during an interview with The Verge, simply saying that “the video that we showed is talking about Project Scarlett. That’s the focus that we have, on that console and hitting that specification. That’s the console that we’re talking about.”

So, the head of Xbox has not denied the chance that Scarlett is being worked on as a family of consoles with multiple models, he just said that the company has decided to disclose only one of the models possibly in the works at E3 2019, perhaps for the sake of clarity.

For what matters the design of the console, Spencer mentioned that “traditionally, consoles have been heavy GPU, very light CPU. So we were working with AMD on technologies and what their CPU road map looked like.”

“Working with AMD, we were able to hit CPU, memory, bandwidth, and even SSD that was going to allow us to stream data fast enough to get to frame rates where we felt like the increased visual fidelity would be matched by the feel that we would be able to bring. And that was a design goal that we set for ourselves with Scarlett.”

Project Scarlett is releasing during Holiday 2020.