Photo Of PlayStation 5 Dev Kits Has Leaked


A new photo reveals the PlayStation 5 dev kit. The photo was shared on Twitter by a user named The Drunk Cat™, @Alcoholikaust. The image matches with the previous leaked sketch of the PlayStation 5 dev kit that was discovered back in August. The photo shows two PS5s on a desk in front of a widescreen monitor. A DualShock controller is shown connected to one of the PS5s, though it is hard to decipher if it is an older model DualShock, or potentially the new DualShock for the system.

Tom Warren, a senior editor from The Verge, replied to Drunk Cat’s tweet on Twitter. He confirms that the photo does show the PS5 dev kits, and shared more details on them. According to Warren, the V-shape design of the dev kit is meant to make it easier for developers to stack the consoles on top of one and another. The cooling system is now optimized to blow out hot air from the sides and the middle of the console.

In a reply to a comment, Drunk Cat claims the photo came from a developer. They claim that the kits have been out for a while, but doesn’t further elaborate.

It should be noted that even though this photo appears to confirm what the PS5 dev kits look like, it isn’t a confirmation of what the system will look like once it hits market. Dev kits are primarily used as tools for developers to use in order to help create their games. They rarely, if ever, match with what the console will end up looking once it enters retails.

Thanks to Eurogamer for the information. The PlayStation 5 is expected to release publically on Christmas, 2020.