Physical copies of Resident Evil 3 Remake may be delayed, Capcom warns

The stock is suffering due to the lockdown caused by coronavirus, but the release date won’t change.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Image via Capcom

Capcom has warned fans that physical copies of Resident Evil 3 Remake may take longer to arrive around Europe. The delay is due to the global coronavirus lockdown, as stock is suffering due to means of production shutting down. 

Despite this, Capcom stated that the global release date will not change. The game will still be released on April 3. “Some European markets may experience delayed deliveries or availability of physical goods, including disc copies of games,” Capcom said.

In a statement that Capcom U.K. released on Twitter, the company reassured fans that it is “closely following official regulations to ensure we are prioritising the safety of our fans, employees and partners. As such we are in frequent communication with our local distribution and retail partners in each market to make copies available once local import conditions allow.”

The company advised players to check with local retailers, most of which are on lockdown themselves, for further updates. Fans who are anticipating the release of Resident Evil 3 Remake can also buy a digital edition to ensure there’s no delay in playing. 

Capcom’s statement is similar to Square Enix’s warning about possible delays in the distribution of Final Fantasy VII physical copies for the same reasons. 

Until Capcom give further updates, fans will have to either buy digital or patiently wait for their physical copy.

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