Pikmin 4 exists and will release in 2023

Missing in the trailer: actual Pikmin.

Image via Nintendo Direct

Pikmin 4 has officially been announced to be coming in 2023. Players will have the chance to return to the garden with an army of Pikmin at their side, solving multiple puzzles alongside these helpful companions. The announcement was made during today’s Nintendo Direct by Shigeru Miyamoto.

Right now, Pikmin 4 does not have an exact release date. The Nintendo team only shared that it will be arriving sometime in 2023. However, we can expect a more precise release date to arrive sometime early next year, following further development on the game.

Back in 2015, Nintendo had said that Pikmin 4 was in active development. However, the team shared no further details about the game until E3 2017, and only that the development was still progressing. This has been the first real update for the game we’ve received, and it’s offered a release year. We imagine we’ll receive a full gameplay trailer about what to expect when we receive an official release date announcement.

What we can expect to play in Pikmin 4 will likely align with previous games from the series. It will be a strategy game where players must carefully use their Pikmin to solve puzzles and defeat challenging bosses, such as the Bulborb, which we see at the beginning of the Pikmin 4 teaser. No Pikmin were actually in the trailer, so we’re looking forward to seeing what new and returning Pikmin species will join the game and which hero will lead them throughout the story.

It’s been over a decade since Pikmin 3 initially launched, and for many fans, it’s been far too long since they’ve had the chance to play a complete game from the series. Beyond the trailer and a small amount of gameplay, we’ve yet to see too many details about the game.