Pizza Tower serves up hectic 2D platforming and Wario Land vibes, and its out today

The fast-paced platformer is dishing out nostalgia and great gameplay.

Image via Tour De Pizza

In a flurry of pizza and mayhem, the long-awaited indie game Pizza Tower is finally here, and it’s serving up high-speed 2D platforming and wacky adventures. The game takes obvious inspiration from the often underrated Wario Land series, forcing you to take on tans of zany challenges. You’ll take control of Peppino Spaghetti, a middle-aged Italian man who is paid a visit by a floating pizza face — appropriately named Pizza Face — who plans to destroy his pizzeria. In a bid to save his business, Peppino sets out on a mission to destroy the looming Pizza Tower to save his restaurant.

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The game features a mixture of score attack, exploration, and fast-paced movement reminiscent of platformers of the 90s. Peppino is deceptively speedy and resilient despite his appearance and can grab, dash, and jump to deal with the weird monsters and hurdles in his way, smashing through walls and pizza-themed enemies to build up a high score. The faster you are and the more creatively you defeat enemies, the better your score. The game also boasts five floors in the tower, with a total of 19 levels to play through, each with unique quirks and gimmicks with plenty of secrets and treasures to find.

Aside from its frantic gameplay, Pizza Tower also has a vibrant soundtrack and sports highly stylized pixel art reminiscent of cartoons like Ren and Stimpy, which only adds to and complements the absurdity and charm of the game. Plus, it’s a game that you can enjoy in several different ways. Speedrunning enthusiasts can dash through finding the best routes and methods to get high scores and the fastest times, while others can slow down and explore each level for its collectibles and enjoy it at their speed.