Pokémon TCG’s newest set, Celestial Storm, launches today


The next Pokémon Trading Card Game set, Celestial Storm, has launched today.

The set is based around generation three Pokemon with a mix of Sun and Moon Pokemon thrown in for good measure. The set was originally revealed in June, and fans have been eagerly anticipating it ever since.

Forbidden Light is the third set based on Pokémon from Ultra Sun and Moon and contains over 160 new cards, 30 more than Forbidden Light, and includes three Prism Star cards—the new mechanic that was released in Ultra Prism.

Alongside the prism cards, trainers can get their hands on 11 new Pokémon GX cards and 27 new trainer cards based around certain types. Each booster pack contains 10 cards, which includes at least one rare card and one basic Energy card.

The new expansion will also launch with two different themed starter decks based around Sceptile and Swampert.

Sceptile’s deck is called Leaf Charge and is a Grass and Electric-type themed deck. Swampert’s deck, on the other hand, focuses on Grass and Fire-type Pokémon. Both decks are great for new players and come with an abundance of new cards that can be helpful to seasoned veterans as well.

Trainers can also purchase a Celestial Storm-themed Elite Trainer Box which includes eight booster backs, some themed card sleeves, and a bunch of energy cards alongside other various Pokémon themed goodies. The Trainer Box will set you back $40 but comes with a unique Rayquazza-themed box to carry all your cards in for your next match.