Frontier’s Planet Zoo Realistic Spin on a Zoo Simulator | E3 2019


A lovingly animated scene of defecating hippo highlights Frontier’s dedication to realism and authenticity in their upcoming zoo simulator, Planet Zoo. At the PC Gaming Show’s E3 2019 event, Frontier launched another gameplay trailer for the newest addition to the Planet series. Initially announced on Steam in April 2019, Frontier hopes to have the most “authentic animals in videogame history, deep management, and boundless creativity.”

During the E3 2019 conference, Frontier representatives stated their goal is to focus on animal conservation and welfare. The game itself will host a variety of species, each with their own needs and wants. Planet Zoo’s Steam page says the animals will think and feel like real animals, and each have their own unique behaviors, even exploring the enclosures you create for them. The animals are the heart and core of the game, when they thrive, the zoo will thrive.

The newly released gameplay trailer gives players a rough idea of the upcoming game. First and foremost is the ability to build enclosures for the animals. This is expected, standard gameplay in any simulator, so it’s not a surprise. What sets it apart is the “globetrotting” aspect of the game. The trailer hints at this with clips of different animals in different biomes, such as a wolf howling in a snowy tundra compared to the chimpanzees in their jungle-like habitat.

Young and adult animals are also shown in the trailer, whether this is because players will let their animals breed or not hasn’t been stated.

The game will have a campaign mode, where players research new animals around the world to help theirs thrive, and a sandbox mode where they can “let their creativity run wild.”

Planet Zoo will launch November 5, 2019, but can be preordered now. A Digital Deluxe Edition is also available on Steam, which unlocks bonuses such as the pygmy hippopotamus, Thompson’s gazelle, Komodo dragon, a set of wallpapers, the original soundtrack, and exclusive beta access. The original edition is available for $44.99 and the Digital Deluxe Edition is $54.99.