Platinum Games Atsushi Inaba Advises Patience With Regard To Wonderful 101 On Switch


At BitSummit 7 Spirits, held in Kyoto last weekend, Gematsu sat down with Atsushi Inaba and Takashisa Taura from Platinum Games to talk about upcoming titles from the company. Inaba, when asked about Wonderful 101 for Switch, said that he has mentioned it on several occasions, and is glad that he did, but he did also advise the people will need to be patient. This is good and bad news for fans of the game, as it means Platinum Games want to make it happen, but you might be in for a bit of a wait.

They also spoke about the development of Babylon’s Fall, which Inaba stated is currently enjoying a smooth development, and that work on the project has been going well. Interestingly, he also expressed a desire to work with Sony, saying he would really want to work on a collaboration with them.

Bayonetta 3 was also mentioned, but both Inaba and Taura were coy, stating that development is going well, but they cannot really say anything at this point, and once again asking for people to be patient. This puts a potential dampener on an E3 reveal for Bayonetta 3, as some people had hoped to see the game there.

Scalebound, the collaborative project between Microsoft and Platinum Games, might be a reason why they are tentative to talk about projects that are still in development. The game, an action-RPG featuring dragons, was eventually cancelled, and Inaba has previously stated that he was uncomfortable watching fans blame Microsoft for the project’s failure.

With E3 just around the corner, there is still the chance that Platinum Games have a surprise up their sleeve for us, but at BitSummit 7 Spirits there were definitely keeping their cards close to their chest. I’d strongly advise reading the full interview over on Gematsu.