Players can earn double cash and XP for stealing an Il Sovrano in Red Dead Online this week

Several other bonuses are also available.

Image via Rockstar

Red Dead Online players will have an opportunity to swipe the yellow Il Sovrano this week. It will be stopping in Rhodes before heading to the State Fair in Sacramento. It will be up to players to ensure that if the coveted gemstone leaves town, it does so in their possession.

So, they will need to sneak in and out before making off with the Il Sovrano. A successful heist will earn them a couple of bonuses over the next week, including 2x RDO$ and XP. However, this isn’t the only bonus on offer.

Successfully completing a Blood Money Opportunity with a Persistent Posse before October 18 will net players a free Ability Card and 30% off any weapon. Meanwhile, joining The Quick Draw Club No. 4 will give them a chance to obtain the Huntingdock Coat, which sports a fetching natural patterned cowhide.

All Call to Arms maps are available to play once again, with double XP available for fending off wave after wave of enemies. Players can also enjoy 3000 Club XP by teaming up with a Persistent Posse in the game mode alongside varying levels of Capitale, depending on how many waves they manage to survive.

Finally, simply logging into the game will provide a few goodies for returning players. They will receive 100 rounds of High-Velocity Rifle and Revolver Ammo, though this may take up to 72 hours to arrive.