PUBG Will Ditch Loot Boxes Starting Next Month

PUBG Corp officially released a new post on its game page, confirming that it’ll be making changes to its crate system. As such, the following will take place as of Dec. 18.

  • Random Crates purchased with BP will no longer contain crates that require a key to open.
    • Locked Crates from Random purchases will no longer be available starting Dec. 18th.
  • Crates already in your inventory or acquired via the marketplace can still be opened with the appropriate key, which can still be purchased from the store and can still be purchased or sold on the marketplace.
  • The new Crate will retain the trade value of the highest tier item; the probability for each tier has been adjusted overall to increase the likelihood of acquiring a weapon of an attractive design.

What does this mean? Essentially, no more paying for loot boxes. Initially, the idea was to purchase keys to open crates for $2.50 apiece, or higher rates on the Steam Marketplace. But apparently, PUBG will do away with these.

As for why this change is happening, the team explained that “we’ve found that more often players do not get enjoyment out of opening crates as they currently exist.” They also noted “the value of the locked crates are very low among other PUBG items. This means that paid crates are not an appealing reward to players, making the experience of acquiring a locked crate less enjoyable.”

With this new system, “we want to ensure that we steer clear of revenue models that fail to satisfy fans, especially if they include a low success rate. We will continue to tweak our business model where possible to offer more compelling value for the money you choose to spend with us.”

The following changes will also be implemented for BP crates as of next month:

  • More preferred skins now appear in lower tiers and AR category skins are evenly distributed from top to bottom tiers.
  • The overall graphic quality of crate skins have been enhanced to ensure that the quality is adequate when compared to the paid weapons.
  • The quality of the items in the middle tiers of crates was improved and the likelihood of obtaining them was increased by about 20%.
  • The probability of obtaining the top tier items was increased as well but they will still remain difficult to obtain in order to not impact the market value of the skins or crates.

So there you go, players. PUBG is getting a little more balanced.