Playground Games’ Xbox RPG Art Leaks, Is This Fable 4?


Update: Rodrido Idalino has contacted Gamepur and claimed that “these images are not from any official project, they were made for a test for a position. I am NO PG employee and I have no relations to their projects.”

We took the concept arts down after his request.

Original news: Concept artist Rodrigo Idalino has shared, and then quickly deleted, what is claimed to be a concept art test for Playground Games’ unannounced open-world RPG exclusive game for Microsoft platforms, Xbox and Windows PC.

Playground Games is known for the Forza Horizon franchise but has a second team in Leamington Spa that is working a next-gen open-world RPG title often linked to a reboot of the Fable franchise in previous and reliable rumors.

Idalino is a freelance artist who has worked on art for Playground Games, and in this particular case, he focused on a female character inspired by actress Anne Hathaway in the 16th century Europe-inspired setting. Due to its environment, the concept art is rumored to be of unannounced Fable 4 project.

The British development team has been on a hiring spree for the past three years, involved in this RPG project are many talents like the scriptwriting team behind Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V‘s project manager, Hellblade‘s lead animator, and Anthem‘s lead environment artist, as noted by VGC which is also reporting about the latest rumor.

Microsoft acquired Playground Games in 2018, but not forced the studio to announce details of the project they are working at the moment.

As shared by Xbox Game Studios’ Matt Booty, despite this game being in development for three years now, it might not be revealed until E3 2020: “a lot of great stuff waiting in the wings for next year. Hope to have you back in a year,” Booty told Eurogamer in June when asked about Fable.