PlayGround Studios To Develop New Project For One X


Recently Simon Carter in an interview talks about Fable return. Microsoft and Playground Games came together to work on the title, but there is no clear indication that this title accurately works in progress. There are assumptions in news sources, but it looks Playground Games might be working on the project, but currently didn’t want to disclose more info on it. Playground Games the developer of Forza Horizon series is rumored to be working on next project for Xbox One X.

PlayGround Studios

Talking to Daily Star Online, Creative Director of Playground Games Ralph Fulton confirmed that they are working on a new project for Xbox One X. This is where the rumor comes out, Microsoft has the plan to bring the Fable series back, and there are max chances that a brand new series will be developed for the most powerful console in coming time.

Ralph Fulton said, “Ease of development in the Xbox One X’s make up provides a really great development platform, not just for that console but also the whole family of devices and even PC”. The statement published on the source link does not really clarify that Fable is the next project, but he further added that the team is focusing on a new project for One X.

The new project rumored to be Fables, and it has been in the news recently. It has been long we had heard nothing on Fable series, there are max chances that Microsoft will be releasing some fresh info this year on the title.

Source: DailyStarOnline