Watch: Official PS5 vs PS4 Pro Performance Comparison Video

A reporter from the Wall Street Journal shares a video that compares the performance of the PlayStation 4 Pro versus PlayStation 5.

Takashi Mochizuki is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, who has a history of sharing insider’s information. Mochizuki recently informed people that the next generation of PlayStation consoles won’t release anytime within the next twelve months.

There has been much discussion of what the next generation of consoles will bring, when will Sony or Microsoft reveal them, and when consumers can expect the next PlayStation or Xbox.

This video that Mochizuki shared on Twitter is the most we have ever seen that is about the next PlayStation console. The video is low quality; it’s a recording of footage being played over a projector screen.

The video is a comparison between a PS4 Pro and Next Generation (Under Development), contrasting the two console’s performance and loading times. The game they appear to be using looks like Marvel’s Spider-Man, though I’m not completely sure. The comparison clearly shows the Next Generation to have faster load times and much better frame rates.

Interesting, the Next Generation console isn’t called PlayStation 5 or anything PlayStation. It is called the Next Generation (Under Development). This probably means that the next generations of Sony consoles are still relatively early in the development progress. If Mochizuki is right about there not being any new PlayStation game until May of next year, then that could mean that the video is only showing off an early build of the console.

Despite the low quality of the video, what was shown was certainly tantalizing. The Next Generation footage ran much smoother than the PS4 Pro, and the Pro is currently the strongest PlayStation console out there. It’s a promising future for the future of PlayStation and Sony if the video ends up being an accurate depiction of what the probably PlayStation 5 may look.