PS4 Firmware 5.56 Live Now, You All Know What It Does


Sony has just released a new Firmware for PlayStation 4. It updates the console to version 5.56, and the size of it is 438 MB. As you have expected, Firmware 5.56 is not a major update and does not add any upfront feature for PlayStation 4, but improves the overall performance of the console.

PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.56 Changelog

The official changelog provided by Sony reads: “Release Note: Main features in version 5.56 – This system software update improves system performance”.

This has been a big week for PlayStation fans – September 2018 PS Plus free games lineup looks good, it includes Destiny 2 which is available for free right now and God of War III Remastered, and now comes a new Firmware 5.56. Many other improvements are already planned – PlayStation Store Search functionality, it is expected to go live with a major Firmware 6.0 at some point later this year.