PlayStation 4 software update version 5.50 is live on the system now


PlayStation 4 owners can now download the latest system software update, version 5.50, which features a swath of new features ranging from parental controls to general maintenance augments. Combined, they should make your game collection a little easier to manage. 

First off, parents can now monitor the time their kids spend logged into the PlayStation 4 and restrict this time as they see fit. Playable hours and a set number of play time can be managed via the Settings menu for Parental Controls. When time is up, a notification will pop up letting kids know, and the system is even capable of logging them out automatically. This can all be managed and viewed straight from a smartphone, too. 

Additionally, some new Library features have been added. You’ll see a PlayStation Plus badge if you’ve ever been subscribed in your Library, and you’ll now be able to hide certain games and apps you no longer need from your Purchased list. 

Supersampling Mode has been added to help augment your image quality when dealing with 2K resolution or lower TVs. You can also start adding your favorite images via USB to your home screen background, team logo, cover image, and more. Mercifully, you can delete notifications as well. 

There’s a lot here if you’re someone who uses their PlayStation 4 a lot, and even if you’re not there’s enough improvements to really appreciate the new update. You can check it out now.