PlayStation 5 Still Verifying Full Backwards Compatibility


As PlayStation 5 has been formally revealed yesterday, we get more details in the following hours in particular about some details that have been missed in the original announcement about DualShock 5 and branding.

One of those details is about backwards compatibility, whose absence has been noted by someone after it was declared to be a part of the project back in those days when the console got announced.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has offered a quick statement to Famitsu to disclose that the company is still refining the technology behind the backwards compatibility and isn’t ready to make an announcement, even though it’s pouring down on the feature a huge investment.

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“We will do our best to ensure that the development team can ensure complete compatibility now. We are verifying,” Sony’s note reports, via WCCFTech. “Please wait for further information.”

So, this is something that the platform owner is still working on, even though we don’t know what that “complete compatibility” means for sure: is it a reference to PS5 possibly being able to run all the PlayStation games independently from the generation? Or just to all the PS4 out now?

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about that in the months ahead, as PlayStation 5 releases in the holiday season next year.