Playstation 5 trademark hints at big upcoming announcement

The Swiss trademark further bolsters rumors of a reveal coming very soon.


Image via Sony

While we have known that the Playstation 5’s release is coming later this year for a while now, we have seen nothing of the actual console, and very little of any games that will be released with it. That looks like it could be changing soon, though, as a recent trademark filing for the Playstation 5 is adding fuel to rumors that Sony is set to make a big announcement next month.

The trademark came from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. This comes after Sony revealed the console’s logo at CES a few weeks ago, which was the last time we got a new piece of information about the console. Sony has been very secretive about the new console, but we have reason to believe that secrecy could be coming to an end soon.

Back in August, a 4chan user, claiming to be privy to leaked internal emails at Sony, said that the Playstation 5 reveal date would be on Feb. 12, 2020. Obviously, 4chan is not necessarily a solid source of information, and any leak should be taken with an enormous grain of salt, but there have been some legitimate leaks that have come from the website.

In addition to the reveal date, the leak also claims that the event will focus on The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, which are rumored to both be coming to the new console after their release on the PlayStation 4. They may also reveal the Playstation VR 2, which is expected to launch in 2021. More leaks have hinted that we could get a look at Horizon 2, Gran Turismo, a Demon’s Souls remake, and a new game from Sony Santa Monica called Legendz.

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With Sony missing E3 last year, and set to miss this year’s event as well, it would make sense that they would make their big announcement at its own show. Whether or not that will be in February is not certain, but with all these different leaks coming from different sources all pointing to the same thing, it’s hard to not to think that something is coming from Sony very soon. Especially with the announcement of the Xbox Series X last month by Microsoft, Sony is sure to try and get their own hype rolling very soon.