PlayStation Indies Initiative will bring more games into the PlayStation ecosystem

PlayStation is increasingly showing interest in supporting some stellar indie games and developers.

Playstation indies

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation has announced a new program, the PlayStation Indies Initiative, which will put a bigger spotlight on indie games in the PlayStation ecosystem. While PlayStation has long been known for its big AAA exclusive titles, it’s exciting to see them investing in smaller and potentially more innovative games.

According to the head of the program, Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation Indies Initiative will be bringing at least one new indie title a month to PlayStation Now, the brand’s monthly subscription service. The first indie available will be Hello Neighbor, a quirky first-person stealth horror game with startlingly original AI mechanics—as you investigate your neighbor’s house, the AI of your opponents will learn from you and adapt accordingly. Nine indie titles will be announced today in total.

All new indie titles from the PlayStation Indies Initiative

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch.


Where the Heart Is


Heavenly Bodies




Worms Rumble

The PlayStation 5 reveal event already showcased a few interesting indie titles, such as Bugsnax. This is an exciting turn for PlayStation as it looks to further diversify its games library, and it bodes well for what the PlayStation 5 will allow indie developers to accomplish.