PlayStation Network is currently experiencing downtime


Monster Hunter World just released worldwide, and PlayStation Network is now down. Talk about good timing.

It’s been giving players problems for at least an hour or so, with some users logging in without issue and others able to get in just fine. It’s no doubt made doubly frustrating by players wanting to power through Dragon Ball FighterZ matches and Monster Hunter World co-op play, so it’s just about the worst time the system could have difficulty. 

If you’re one of the players who can’t log in to PlayStation Network at the moment, head over to the PSN status page, which reveals that all facets of the service are currently down, except for PlayStation Vue.

That means you can’t connect to PSN to do anything much at all right now, unfortunately, so if you wanted to connect to change your profile image or go online with the service at all, you’re going to have to wait. 

Usually, these types of outages are resolved pretty quickly, so it shouldn’t be that long until you can start annihilating your prey if you’re waiting to do so.

That, or you can get the Xbox One version as it doesn’t seem that Xbox Live is experiencing any problems right now. The grass is always greener, though.