Is The PSN Down? If You Are Having Trouble Logging In, You Are Not Alone


It would seem that users from all over the world are running into issues when trying to log on the to PlayStation Network. Gamers from North America, Japan, and Europe are reporting problems on social media.

The issues appear to have been pretty widespread this morning, but Sony already appear to have a handle on it, and the situation seems to have improved a considerable amount over the last couple of hours. That said, if you do have issues logging on, then it is safe to assume that it is a residual effect of the issue, so there is no need to panic.

It is usually a good sign when Sony don’t say anything about an issue on social media, as it implies they figure it will be a quick fix. The last major outage that the PlayStation Network suffered left hundreds of thousands of people out in the cold for a few hours, so this appears to have been a pretty minor blip by comparison.

According to the PlayStation Network Service Status website, everything is coming up green, so no major issues are currently ongoing. Downdetector shows a definite peak of reports and a tapering off ever since, which is also a great sign.

If you are affected by an issue, then all you can do is be patient and try again later today. If you get an error code upon trying to log in, then head for the Sony Support website to see what the error code means.