You may soon be able to change that embarrassing PlayStation Network username of yours


Still chugging along with an embarrassing PlayStation Network name that was funny to you as a teenager but has lost its appeal as an adult? You’re not alone, if countless online multiplayer matches are to be believed.

But there’s a reason people still use their old and potentially terrible usernames, and it’s because PlayStation has never allowed you to change a name that you’ve grown out of. While you’ve always been able to do this (for a fee) on Xbox Live, your PSN tag has been set in stone for years.

But now, Sony may be reversing its stance on this decision in the future. It’s about time!

PlayStation’s Shawn Layden spoke to GameSpot during PlayStation Experience, saying that he was “hoping” to have a name change option up and running by the time the next year’s PlayStation Experience rolls around. He attributed the wait to a process behind the scenes that’s “more complex than you think.” 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s a guarantee all of a sudden that we’re going to be able to change our PSN account usernames at will, nor is there any current information that it might require a fee or anything of that nature. If it’s anything like Xbox Live’s process, you’ll have to pony up some cash (Microsoft charges $10) to give yourself a more respectable username.

But that’s a pretty small price to pay to escape the mistakes of your youth (or mistakes in general). Sony has been discussing the possibility of name changes for some time now, so hopefully this time they make good on it.