PlayStation Now “Fast Changing And Fluid,” Sony Hints At More News


PlayStation Now has grown more and more important to Sony over the last few months. We’ve witnessed a partnership between the company and Microsoft to bolster the company’s cloud gaming strategy and a major push impressed over the service with more AAA games and a more affordable subscription price.

Jim Ryan, CEO at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has reckoned that Sony is pouring a lot of effort down on the streaming platform, claiming that it is “an area that is fast-changing and fluid,” and that more stuff in that range is going to happen.

“The nature and scale of some of the first-party games that we are making leads us to think that, right now, it’s better to spend energy on making sure that the launch of those games is a massive entertainment event,” Ryan also added. “I would cite God of War and Spider-Man, and The Last of Us 2 next year will fall into that category.”

“That’s where we stand right now. But our stance on the inclusion of first-party games in PlayStation Now in terms of what we’ve done this month is very different to our stance 12 months ago. I don’t want to say this is what PlayStation Now is going to be like forever. But certainly right now, given how some of our first party IP is incredibly special and valuable, we just want to treat them with amazing care and respect, and have those launches be clean and pure.”

The first-party strategy at Sony is also evolving a lot during the last few weeks, with changes at all the exec levels even involving the lead at the famed Worldwide Studios, now in the hands of Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst.