PlayStation Now Introduces PlayStation 2 Games For Streaming


PlayStation Now is expanding its gaming library beyond PlayStation 3 and 4 titles. For the first time in the streaming service’s history, PlayStation 2 classics are now available through PlayStation Now, including such hits as Ape Escape 2 and Metal Slug 3.

With over 600 games already available on PlayStation Now, this month’s update includes several iconic PlayStation 2 games from the 2000s console’s best years, including Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2, and Hot Shots Tennis. The following PlayStation 2, 3, and 4 games are all available right now through the service, so players simply need to log in and start streaming if they want to try out May’s latest titles.

  • Ape Escape 2
  • Dark Cloud 2
  • Hot Shots Tennis
  • Limbo
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics
  • Sine Mora EX
  • Siren
  • The Last Blade 2

Alongside the new games available for streaming, Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend has received an upgrade from the title’s PlayStation 3 edition to its PlayStation 4 version. Sony also provided information on last month’s most popular PlayStation Now titles in a blog post on the PlayStation Now changes. The service’s top April games are listed below.

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • God of War 3 Remastered
  • WWE 2K16
  • Mortal Kombat
  • NBA 2K16
  • Homefront: The Revolution
  • God of War Collection
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution
  • Sonic Generations

It’s no surprise that Red Dead Redemption tops PlayStation Now’s streaming library. The game has not been rereleased on PlayStation 4 and it remains unavailable on PC, despite such Rockstar Games hits as L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto V receiving their own PC versions.

Meanwhile, with Red Dead Redemption 2 on the way, fans are clearly eager to reacquaint themselves with John Marston’s life in 1911 before jumping back in time to 1899. Playing through the original Red Dead Redemption is the perfect way to do just that.

For more information on PlayStation Now’s latest releases, check out the official PlayStation Blog’s news post here.