PlayStation Store’s New Refund Policy; Refunds For Pre-ordered Games


The PlayStation Store has updated their refund policy, offering buyers to refunds for digital pre-orders and for purchases that are two weeks old.

Sony has changed the cancellation policy for the PlayStation Store. Now buyers can cancel any pre-order game they purchase through the PSN, and they will get refunded. Buyers can even still request a refund for pre-orders fourteen days after the game is officially released.

However, the catch is that buyers are denied a refund if they downloaded, or pre-downloaded, the game already. Sony will only refund downloaded products if it turns out to be “faulty.” What they mean by faulty is specified; it is ambiguous enough that it can apply to any downloaded product that a buyer may have issues with.

Most refunds are returned to buyers’ PlayStation Wallets. Funds in your PS Wallets are only used to purchase content on the PlayStation Network.

This news is coming off the heels of Sony announcing they will no longer have retailers sell digital copies of their games.