PlayStation Will Be Taking Part In A Japanese Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament


PlayStation will be one of the teams taking part in a corporate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament that is being organized by Famitsu in Japan. The competition will take place on Nov. 22, and will feature companies such as Sun-Star, Plaza, Sugiko, and PlayStation.

The PlayStation representatives will be pulled from Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is notable because PlayStation and Nintendo are fierce rivals in the gaming space, with little if any cooperation or cross-promotion occurring. With Famitsu acting as a middleman, it seems they were able to convince representatives of the Sony-owned gaming brand to take part in the tournament.

All manner of questions remain to be answered, which will make the tournament fun to watch. How good are these players? Who do they main? Have Sony sent in a group of sleepers to win a tournament for one of their biggest rival’s largest franchises? I certainly hope so.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released in Dec 2018 and has proven to be a complete success for Nintendo. The game is regularly in the top-selling titles for any console each month, maintaining a fantastic sales presence that doesn’t look like it will fall off any time soon.

Nintendo has also managed to throw a few surprises our way, with the addition of characters like Joker and Banjo Kazzoie to the game. Could we eventually see a famous PlayStation character end up being added to the roster? As incredible as that would be, it is sadly unlikely. But, who wouldn’t want to see Kratos throwing down with a Piranha Plant?