PlayStation VR 2 Presentation Rumored Before Fiscal Year 2021

We’ve discussed PlayStation VR 2 in the past and how Sony doesn’t plan on releasing it together with the PS5 in 2020. The device is, however, already in the making. That’s not a mystery. It’s a matter of when and how PlayStation VR 2 releases.

Now, according to a rumor on 4chan, we read that the headset for virtual reality might get revealed, “before the start of the fiscal year 2021.” Considering Sony’s in the fiscal year 2019, it means that the reveal might happen between the end of the next calendar year and the following if this rumor is true.

Based on the intel coming from the board, it looks like Sony has decided for “new investments” in the “VR sector.” Over the past few months, the company has been quite satisfied with the outcome of tests conducted on the “new PSVR 2 prototype.”

At this stage, always looking at the rumor, it seems like “the marketing team started planning official consultations on the official marketing presentation.” So, sure enough, the machine at Sony might have started to ramp up.

As we said, the Japanese platform owner is not considering a proper launch together with PlayStation 5 in 2020 They think that overflowing consumers with multiple products and a lot of information about devices would confuse them a lot.

The choice to launch it a few years into the next-generation of consoles rather than shipping it as a new product may serve Sony better. The ‘experiment,’ in that sense, has already been completed with the PlayStation VR.