PlayStation Website Delists Death Stranding As A PS4 Exclusive

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We’ve reported multiple times in the past about Death Stranding possibly being released on PC after a PlayStation 4 timed exclusive, and it looks like those rumors won’t die anytime soon. We have now an even bigger hint at that happening not so distant in the future.

The Australian PlayStation website has a page dedicated, err, exclusively to PS4 exclusives, and the upcoming game by Hideo Kojima has been listed there for a long while until May 31, 2019. Then, suddenly and for some unknown reason, it has been removed (via ResetEra).

While we don’t know what this means, and even that an Australian page, although official, knows the bigger plans of Sony when it comes to exclusivity deals, this is, sure enough, a signal of things moving fast at Kojima Productions.

Back in the days of the agreement with the Japanese platform owner, Kojima said that he wanted to bring his game on PC, too, but has stopped mentioning that as soon as he started to use the Decima engine, a tool of Guerrilla Games, which is a first-party developer funded by Sony.

Perhaps, that was just a part of the agreement, too, or the idea of a PC version had been nurtured in the past without any knowledge about it being possible or not, and now they’ve come to the conclusion that it is possible indeed.

So, many hypotheses could turn true or not when it comes to defining whether Death Stranding is coming to PC (and other platforms) or not, but for the time being PlayStation Australia seems to know that the game is not a PS4 exclusive anymore.

It’ll release on November 8, 2019, for PlayStation 4 so a few months after that we can expect things to move forward in a direction or another.