Poké Bank’s Uncertain Future Leaves Pokémon Fans Distraught

Pokémon fans are beginning to panic as the date for online service closure creeps closer with no word on the future of Poké Bank.

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One thing the Pokémon franchise has that other leading Nintendo titles don’t is a powerful sense of nostalgia. This emotional connection is nurtured via the ability to bring past companions from previous regions to new games – a task requiring live service apps like Pokémon Bank.

Despite the strength of that commodity, the detailed act of transferring Pokémon from Red to Scarlet is in danger. Fans have known about the impending doom for a few years, with the 3DS and WiiU online shutdowns being announced far in advance. The notifications themselves gave no resolution to the ongoing question: How will we transfer Pokémon from one Generation to another now? Is it impossible to have anything from the 3DS era and previous in a modern Pokémon title?

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Fans Beg For Answers on Poké Banks Future

Pokémon fan and Streamer Vee has taken to Twitter, posting about their concerns regarding the future of the application, stating, “Anyone else really worried about the state of Pokémon Bank after 3DS online services shut down in April? I really hope we get some definitive news on it. Hopefully during the Pokemon Presents in February.”

Players have responded to the post with over 34k views, echoing their concerns, frustrations, and anxieties about the future of Poké Bank, calling for Game Freak and The Pokémon Company to offer an explanation before the shut down date.

One player states, “bank connectivity was the root holding the franchise together imo. not as an entity, but as a UNITY. it tied games from 20 years ago to the newest ones. it continued the sentiment of having your partner Pokémon with you forever. I’m glad I brought my teams over before it shutdown,” while another adds, “I’m currently doing a massively overcomplicated livingdex project and I will scream cry and throw up if bank loses connectivity before I finish. I will probably scream cry and throw up regardless of my livingdex projects status, because bank connectivity is my baby. But still.”

Vee adds that there is a possibility players will get some sort of update during Pokémon Day in February, but at this time there is still no news regarding what players might expect when online services shut down in April. Hopefully more information will be offered soon, giving Pokémon fans a solution for keeping their long-time favorite companions close in coming generations of gameplay.