Amazon Prime members in the US are getting a Pokémon Channel today


Amazon launched a new subscription-based channel dedicated to Pokémon today.

For a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, Amazon Prime members can gain access to a bunch of Pokémon video-on-demand content. The channel is only available to Amazon Prime customers as an add-on fee, meaning you will have to pay $14.98 a month for both Amazon Prime and the Pokémon Prime service.

Currently, fans can watch four Pokémon movies and a selection of episodes from the Pokémon anime, including the entire series of Pokémon Origins which is a retelling of the Pokémon Red and Blue games.

The movie selection will be regularly rotated, giving fans a reason to tune in each month and pay an additional monthly fee in order to watch the movies they missed out on last time.

The channel is currently exclusive to the U.S.