Pokémon Galar Jerseys Revealed, and It’s Time To Represent Your Team

Best Ground Type Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Remember when Pokémon GO first came out, and everyone was all talking about what teams they were on, but some players would forget because there were so many loyalties to go around? Well, it looks like there will be a way to represent that in the future.

Over on Twitter, Pokeshopper confirmed several new Pokémon center Galar Jerseys, featuring Grookey, Sobble and Scorbunny from the Pokémon universe.

All three jerseys are featured in the tweet below. As you can see, each one comes with fine color, with Scorbunny defined in red colors; Grookey in mixed greens; and Sobble in a hue of blue. Each jersey also comes with the Pokémon name on the back, along with the official emblems on the sleeves.

The jerseys should be available over on the Pokémon Center page soon. Though it’s sold out, you can read more about the Sobble edition here; the Scorbunny one is in stock and available here; and Grookey, though sold out, has a detailed page here. They appear to be going for $55 a piece, plus shipping. Hopefully, we’ll see the others in stock soon.

Hopefully, this will be just the beginning for Pokémon related jerseys, and we’ll soon see ones with team representation. And, for that matter, there’s a golden opportunity here to feature new ones with Pokémon Sword and Shield set to release next month. Time to represent Sirfetch’d!

We’ll let you know once purchase details are available. In the meantime, start deciding which team you want to represent now. Many of you might choose Scorbunny, but you don’t want to leave Sobble out in the cold, do you? Do you?!