Pokémon Crystal is out now for the Nintendo 3DS eShop


Pokémon Crystal is now live on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Players who pre-loaded the game onto their systems over the past few weeks will now have access to the full game and can play it at their leisure. It will run for $9.99.

It can also be brought at retailers in a special edition Pokémon Crystal Gameboy-like box for a limited time. The box comes with a digital code of the game that can be redeemed on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

The game requires 150 free blocks of space to download onto the Nintendo 3DS system (16MB) and is available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, meaning it cannot be brought on the Nintendo Switch or any other Nintendo system.

The popular Game Boy Color title was the third game in the Johto series. It introduced a host of new modes, changes, and fixes to the original games in the series.

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Pokémon Crystal was the first game to introduce a female main character. Move Tutors, who are non-playable characters that teach a Pokémon specific moves for a price, also made their debut in the game.