Pokémon Go adds Mythical Pokémon Deoxys to EX Raid Battles

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A third Mythical Pokémon is joining Pokémon Go. Niantic announced that the Psychic-type “DNA Pokémon” Deoxys, featured in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, will now be available to battle in Go’s EX Raid Battles.

Deoxys slides into the EX Raid slot previously occupied by the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, who’s now available in regular Raid Battles. Trainers will have the opportunity to battle and catch the Pokémon’s “Normal Forme,” and there’s no word on whether any additional forms will become available in a future update (we’re guessing not).

Niantic is also introducing a welcome quality of life improvement to the EX Raid Pass system. Trainers essentially have to get lucky in order to receive a pass granting access to an EX Raid. Their odds increase if they’re battling at a Gym that had previously hosted an EX Raid, but it was up to the player to find out if a Gym qualified. Now, Gyms that can and will host EX Raids will feature a special tag in the Gym details, making it easier to see which Gyms you should be battling at in order to increase your odds. The more you battle at a qualifying Gym, the greater chance you have to receive an EX Raid Pass.

You’re also now able to invite a friend to participate in an EX Raid with you, even they haven’t received an EX Raid Pass. It’s extremely important to note that you must be at least Ultra Friends with the other trainer, which requires a minimum of 30 days of interaction with your friend. You can learn more about how to increase your Friendship level in our handy guide.

Unfortunately, the EX Raid system’s strict time and date requirements haven’t been lifted. An EX Raid pass will still grant you access to only one specific EX Raid event, held at a fixed time and place that may not always be most convenient. Here’s hoping we’ll see more EX Raid improvements in future updates.