Pokemon Go: How To Get Earth Day 2019 Bonuses And Rewards


Pokémon Go is rewarding players for helping clean the planet in this upcoming Earth Day.

Last year for Earth Day, Niantic encouraged fans to participate in cleanups by offering them rewards in Pokémon Go. This led to over four thousand players worldwide picking up around 4.5 tons of garbage for Earth Day last year.

This year, Niantic plans to do the same thing. For players to contribute, they need prove they have participated in Earth Day cleanup on Twitter. Players need to tag @NianticLabs on Twitter, use the hashtag AugmentingReality”, and state how many people there are with that are taking a part of the cleanup.

This year, Niantic is offering different tiers of rewards, depending on how many players partake in the cleanups in 48 hours.

If an estimated 2000 players participate in clean ups this year, then Niantic will increase the amount of ground Pokémon in Go. If 5000 players partake, then a shiny Diglett will be release. If 7000s players partake, Niantic will release everything that has already been listed, along with handing out double candy and Stardust at event spawns. The legendary Pokémon Groudon will also return for raids.

Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22, though clean up usually begins on April 13. Clean up will generally continue until April 28.