Pokémon Go will launch in China sometime in 2018

Pokemon Go

Chinese mobile gamers will finally get to play Pokémon Go sometime this year.

The game was prohibited from launching in China when it was released nearly two years ago due to the country’s strict regulations on online content.

Chinese law demands that foreign firms find a partner in China to launch digital ventures. Niantic finally recently struck a partnership deal with local company NetEase, a Chinese internet technology company.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Niantic CEO John Hanke said the company intends to bring all of its existing games into China, which could include Ingress and a Harry Potter game that is currently in devolpment.

Pokémon Go released worldwide in 2016 and has slowly been adding new features and Pokémon ever since. The game recently added a bunch of generation three Pokémon before the new year and is set to release the final few Hoenn Pokémon sometime in the next few months.

The game’s launch in China could see player numbers expand sharply.