Pokémon GO Community Day for February


A new monthly event debuted this month in Pokémon GO and it was a big hit with the community. The event featured a special Pikachu with the move Surf and an increase of the Shiny Variant of the Pokémon as well. Trainers were also given Double XP, and three hour Lures to attract even more Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Community Day for February
Pokemon GO Community Day February

The Pokémon GO Community Day for February will be a little different this time and include one of the more sought after Pokémon. Starting February 24, you’ll be able to catch the Dragon type Pokémon Dratini. Just like Pikachu, Dratini will know an exclusive move that it normally doesn’t know. The move won’t be revealed until the event. In addition to an increase of Dratini spawn, you will receive three times the amount of Stardust for every catch, and Lures will be back for those three hours as well.

With any luck, we will also have the chance to catch the Shiny Variant of Dratini as well. The Shiny Variant of Dratini is pink, and keeps that same color when evolved in to Dragonair. Once you will have turned Dragonair into Dragonite, the color change from a pink to a green, giving it the color of what you expect a dragon to look like.

Even after the first Pokémon GO Community event, I still don’t have a Shiny, and getting a Shiny Dratini would be great for my first one.

The three hour window will be a great chance to finish up your Dragon Tamer medal, as it has been one of the hardest medals to complete due to how rare the spawns are for Dratini. Be prepared for this event and join other Trainers at local parks. For your area’s start time, head over to the events page at Pokémon GO.