Pokémon Go’s Field Research Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Professor Willow needs your help! Pokémon Go’s Field Research offers players additional rewards for completing various tasks, such as catching Pokémon or challenging Gyms. Completing these tasks will award items or Pokémon encounters, and more challenging tasks will yield better rewards. On each day you complete at least one task you’ll earn a research stamp. Collect seven stamps and you’ll unlock a Research Breakthrough, awarding significant rewards including an extremely rare, special Pokémon encounter!

The Research Breakthrough encounter is predetermined and changes monthly. For the month of July, players who earn seven research stamps can catch a Snorlax with the move Body Slam. The Pokémon will not attempt to flee, though will still be a difficult catch. If you earn another seven stamps during the month of July, you’ll earn the same rewards again (including another Snorlax).

How do I get Field Research tasks?

You can unlock new Field Research tasks by spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops. You can receive one task per PokéStop per day, and can progress in three of these tasks simultaneously. Tasks are unique to a specific PokéStop for that day, so every Trainer that spins it will receive the same task. You may still receive a different task the following day from the same PokéStop.

You will not be able to receive a new Field Research task from a specific PokéStop unless you have first either completed or deleted the last task from that PokéStop. If you trash a task you receive from a specific PokéStop, you can return to that PokéStop on the same day to pick up that task again. This allows you to focus on easier tasks while not completely sacrificing the opportunity to complete a specific task.

There are tons of different Field Research tasks, focusing on basically every single aspect of Pokémon Go’s gameplay, including catching Pokémon, throwing PokéBalls, battling in Gyms and Raids, Powering Up and evolving Pokémon, and hatching Pokémon.

How do I complete Field Research tasks?

It’s relatively easy to complete Field Research tasks, though some are a bit harder than others. Just do what the task says to do! You only need to complete one task each day to earn the stamp, but you can complete as many tasks each day as you’re able to discover. You can only obtain one task per day per PokéStop, so your pool of potential available tasks will be limited by your proximity stops.

What are the rewards for completing Field Research tasks?

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Each Field Research task has a corresponding reward, which is shown next to the task. Some tasks will always feature the same reward, whereas others may award items from a pool of potential items. For example, the aforementioned task could also award 3 Razz Berries. Some Field Research tasks can even reward Pokémon encounters instead of items!

You’ll also earn a research stamp for completing your first Field Research task of the day. Completing a task will only award a stamp if one has not already been earned that day, so it may be useful to save easy tasks for guaranteed daily stamps. You can complete as many tasks as you want each day, but you’ll only earn one stamp per day towards your Research Breakthrough.

How to get rid of a Field Research task?

If you find a task too difficult or simply don’t want to do it, you can tap the trash can at the top right corner of a task to dismiss it. You can then visit a different PokéStop to discover another Field Research task.

What do I get after collecting seven research stamps?

You’ll earn a research stamp for each separate day you complete a Field Research task. You don’t need to earn a stamp for seven consecutive days, just seven days total during the month, so no worrying about breaking a streak. Once you’ve received seven stamps, you’ll earn a Research Breakthrough. The Research Breakthrough reward features an exclusive Pokémon encounter, experience, and Stardust, along with useful items including Rare Candy, PokéBalls and Berries. Good luck!

Image via Niantic Labs