Pokémon Go developers share what goes into a Season in the December Developer Diary

The Niantic team share what goes into a Pokémon Go Season.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go seasons were initially announced close to the end of 2020, with the first Season being the Season of Celebration. These occur every three months, each with unique events and Pokémon appearing throughout these special occasions. The Niantic team discusses what goes into a Season, how they created the story for the Season of Heritage, and what players can look forward to with Seasons in Pokémon Go in the future.

The timing of the Seasons is essential, just as the story behind the Season shares game designer Dan Thomas. The hope is to weave all of the events of a season into the overarching narrative, leading up to an epic conclusion with an incredible Pokémon, or a fitting story conclusion, before moving over to the next one.

The future of Pokémon Go seasons is bright, with more in-game events that lead to focal story beats. The main focus of these stories is to get players outside, moving, and exploring the world around them.

The effort the Niantic team put into a Season set the stage for players to enjoy content longer, have more meaningful events, and dive into a weaving story that takes place throughout the more significant event. Everyone can check out the more extensive details and videos on the Pokémon Go blog post.